The benefits of football

We summarise what the key health benefits of playing football are.

Many people know that playing football is a great way to stay healthy and to keep in shape but not many actually know or understand what the actual benefits are of a prolonged involvement in the sport. We complete our look this week at footballing health with a break down at why you should be participating in the world's biggest sport.

Promotes teamwork

This is an obvious point to make considering that you play with ten others in a full size team but having the ability to work effectively in a team is something that can transcend the physical activity on the field and can be used in your everyday life.

Increased cardiovascular fitness

With the average player running between 5-7 miles in each game the health benefits of playing on a regular basis are obvious and this can help toward building a remarkable cardio base for any player. Your stamina should also increase with the prolonged state of cardiovascular efforts being produced throughout a match and training sessions.

Coordination improved

Without doubt one of the most improved aspects of your skills will be your ability to carry out many tasks at once and at a high level. The coordination that goes into keeping a football at your control, looking where the opponent is and being able to find a team mate with a pass is very high. With continuous training and focus on many areas of your game this part of your skills set will increase tenfold over time.

Build muscle and cut fat

Your football training and playing will help greatly cut any excess body fat with the use of fast twitch fibres and your constant changing of pace within game situations. The building of muscle comes from the exertion of using your body to turn and twist and your core will become sharper and more solid with time. The switching between aerobic and anaerobic exercises, and uses of your body, only adds to the fat burning and muscle building qualities of football training and game playing.

Increase brain function

The brain is on a constant grind when you are playing a game or training and the use of your cognitive functions is at its highest when playing. The average player has an increased ability to focus and concentrate and also to make decisions on the pitch as they aim to use every spare second of time they have. Whether it's looking for the space to play a ball, trying to second guess where a ball will be played or making sure you are following your marked attacker the brain will constantly be put to use meaning you are always making the most of your minds assets during game time and increasing your skills set without maybe even knowing it.

Reduce stress/increase confidence

The endorphins released after any kind of physical exertion from the field of play or the gym from training can only help towards reducing your anxiety levels and promote a feeling of wellness within you. This is obviously helpful towards becoming a confident player on the pitch but this feeling can also help in everyday life and at work and school situations too, meaning that you are at your best frame of mind at all possible times.


The above are just a small list of the main benefits from training and playing in football and the impact is only a good one on the average player or person looking to get involved in organised sport of any kind. The list should be a reminder of why you are taking part in football in the first place and should also be a reminder of where you can still build upon your skills set in the future.

Whatever your skills set or ability level it is important to keep fit during your week and keep yourself feeling the best you can, so look at where you can build upon your current skills and where you can further progress your own training if needed and simply “Do the damn thing!”.


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