Dieting effectively

This week we look at how to diet using effective steps that are easy to fit into your life routine.


If you are looking to lose weight and begin dieting then it can be hard to know where to start with it all. The following plan and action points should see you begin your weight loss journey at full speed. Following any guidelines and plan will always be hard and there has to be commitment and dedication alongside changing your mind-set but it can be achieved over time.

Never skip breakfast

Research will show that not skipping breakfast is an effective way to control your weight. Missing out on this first meal will mean you are more likely to snack throughout the day and feel hungry due to missing out on essential nutrients in the morning. Always make time to get some form of healthy and energy filled breakfast in no matter how busy you are.

Eat regularly

Eating more frequently can help you resist the temptation to snack all day and helps the body’s metabolism work harder as you burn calories at a higher rate. Not eating meals does not (contrary to popular belief) help towards weight loss at any point. Make sure you are feeding your body essential nutrients and calories on a regular basis in order to feel fuller for longer and help keep the hunger pangs at bay.

Be more active

Getting more active is a proven way to help burn off excess calories that dieting cannot do alone. It also provides numerous health benefits and is key to shifting weight and also keeping it off. Find an activity of some kind that you enjoy and that you can commit to on a regular basis.

Cut down your alcohol

Not many people realise the effects of alcohol on the body when trying to lose weight but they can be just as bad as eating some of your favourite junk foods. A glass of wine can have as many calories in it as a piece of chocolate and drinking in regular spells can add unwanted calories to your daily intake. Be careful and consider how much you drink on a weekly basis if you want to lose that excess weight.

Keep hydrated

Confusing thirst for hunger can be easily done by many people. Aim to drink seven to eight glasses per day and 1-2 litres whilst training in order to feel fully hydrated and stay on top of your game.

High fibre and high protein

Eating high fibre and high protein foods can help you to feel fuller for longer and can prevent you to snack throughout the day. Try to get in fruits, veg, oats, wholegrains, fish, white meat and nuts to top up your fibre and protein values and stay feeling full. The fibre will also help with your digestion and keep things moving in your stomach and the protein will help to repair muscles after exercising.

Don’t ban any foods

If you enjoy the occasional pizza or the odd bit of chocolate then it is vital for you to not ban them completely from your food plan as this will only make you crave them even more. You can still enjoy them in your life just think about the portion size and treat yourself after some good days of clean eating and exercising with a small portion within your daily calorie intake goal.

Following these steps can see you really make a drastic change and lose some of the excess weight you want to over a sustained period of time. So give it a go and make a difference to your life with these simple life changes.


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