Get fit outdoors

This week sees us look at ways to use your environment to get healthy and fit.


With the weather beginning to warm up and the nights being filled with more daylight the opportunities to get out and get fit should start to become more apparent. After a long winter and many short cold nights where the temptation to stay indoors was strong it should now be a great chance to use your new surroundings in order to keep your fitness goals going and stay ahead of the opposition.

The added hours of daylight are a great thing for you to utilise and you should be welcoming the warmer climate in order to get outside and really work hard at your fitness targets. Using your environment can be a cheaper and more fun alternative to gym or the same four walls. The possibilities for the outdoor workout are endless and you can really switch things up just by viewing things differently.

So let's take a look at some of the things you can do outside that should keep you entertained and working hard.

Use the park gym!

Ever see that unused gym at the local park and thought ‘I could use that?’ Well go ahead and use it! The aim of most outside gyms and their money key bars, wooden step posts and swings is to test your body weight strength, coordination and balance. All of these things are simple yet effective when training the body so adapt the equipment to what you need to train. Do pullups on the bars, one leg squats on the posts and hanging leg raises on the swings. The ability to use your own bodyweight is a great option to work on some core strength and there are many exercises possible to carry to out using the different items.

See that hill?

Ever walk past the same hill with your dog or loved one and comment on how steep it looks? Well stop looking at it and use it for some intense sprint work. Split your work into sprints up and walks down the hill as you work hard on your cardiovascular and your leg strength. The burn will be intense but the payoff will be immense. For extra fun why not include your pet or a partner for a bit of competition?

Go for a run!

The softer ground is easy on the joints and your legs will work harder to move on a uneven surface meaning a more effective run than that on a treadmill. Try to use some short sprint work and turning work to really up the volume and feel the burn.

Take a step outside and enjoy the extra hours of daylight in your weekly regime. Rethink your programme and keep your body guessing with a few new approaches to stay in top condition and at your very best.


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