Busting weight loss myths

We take a look at the biggest myths surrounding weight loss and how you can effectively avoid doing the wrong thing with your own goals.


Sometimes training can be difficult when you hear and read different training and diet techniques. The ability to stay on track can be hard when there are so many different viewpoints to consider and you have to formulate your own training regime from all of them. Steering clear of unhelpful or false advice can be difficult so this week we will try and bust some of the biggest myths when it comes to weight loss and your training and diet habits.

Carbohydrates make me fat

This ideology always gets confused as people tend to mix ‘good’ carbs up with the typical ‘bad’ carbs like heavy pastries and breads that we all know about. If you choose the right carbs such as steamed vegetables or brown rice and sweet potato then your body will respond better to using the energy and burning the calories effectively. Whole grains such as brown rice and wild rice and high fibre alternatives such as quinoa can really help your body to stay trim whilst providing the essential nutrients and energy you need to perform at your best. We all know that eating a whole tub of ice cream isn’t a good thing for your body….so put the spoon down!

Avoid all fats

Skipping all fats in foods isn’t the best way to lose weight and avoid any unwanted calories. The best way to reduce your calorie intake is to simply have a smaller portion of what you would eat. Your body needs certain fats in order to work off the energy they can provide so avoiding all of them is a bad idea. When something is described as ‘fat free’ it tends to be replaced with several more carbs and sugars which is just as bad if not worse than what you would be eating normally. Avoiding fats is not the way to a flat belly so do your homework on the science and eat smartly.

Not eating after 7pm

The myth regarding not eating after a certain time in the evening is one that does stand up in part but the choice of food is simply the sticking point here. If you are going to eat a whole bag of crisps and a bar of chocolate late at night, then don’t expect your body to respond well to that. If you are eating carb sensitive foods or high protein foods then you should feel the benefit if your only option is to eat that late because of work or other commitments. The key is to simply not eat bad foods late in the evening, get into a routine to force yourself to find a better snacking option and your body will respond better.

Skipping breakfast will make me lose weight

Your body responds better to burning calories and using nutrients. So why would you deprive your body of this essential function to start the day off? Without your metabolism starting to work in the morning and burning off a good healthy breakfast how do you expect the fat burning and the calorie breakdown to begin? Don’t be foolish and think that it isn’t important to eat breakfast, get a complex carbohydrate, high in protein and energy breakfast in before you start your day. You’ll feel the benefits down the line and you’ll be all the better for it.

Eating fruit makes me gain weight

This is another myth that makes people eat the wrong things during their regime and can get really confused when considering diet requirements. We should all know that certain fruits taken in high quantities can lead to weight gain as some are high in natural sugar content. So don’t go drinking litres of fruit juice a day and think it won’t have an adverse effect on your body. You should be aiming for a healthy mixture of fruit AND veg during your typical day and there are many options available for you to consider. The fruit portion of your daily intake is best to be processed naturally so try to avoid the cartons of fruit juice all together. Eating a whole piece of fruit naturally is always better as your body works harder to break it down and work off the natural sugars it may have. Remember, fruit and veg is good for you, it’s just about portion control and how you eat it that counts.

So there it is. We have broken down the biggest myths when it comes to losing weight during your training regime and hopefully you will be in a better place understanding what is right and what is wrong. You should always enjoy your training and taking these points in mind should see you on the right track to success. So ‘Do The Damn Thing’ and go smash your day, week and month and enjoy the process of learning and becoming a better version of yourself with each day that passes. #DoTheDamnThing.


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