Ruben Linhares breaks a new record

Rúben Linhares, Portugese para-swimmer speaks about his latest competition.

„The event was organised on the 16 and 17 January by my team (Feira Viva Natação Adaptada) which occurred in Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal), entitled "Troféu das Fogaceiras" which was the first event of 2016 in the National Swimming calendar in a short course swimming pool (25m). "Feira Viva Natação Adaptada" hosted this event for the second consecutive year, where the swimmers were of pure swimming and adapted swimming, therefore it was a integrated swimming event.

I clocked a new national record – short course (25m)  in the 100m backstroke (1.21,82).

I also participated in the 100m breaststroke (1.40,69) , 100m freestyle (1.07,98) and 50m freestyle (30,98). I was able to improve my times.

I was delighted with my participation and really happy with my swimming results which went really well.

I'm in heavy training at the moment and will continue to give it all.

The winners (teams) of this event were:

1st place of pure swimming: Feirense

1st place of adapted swimming: Adada

1st place of integrated swimming: FEIRA VIVA (my team) and Feirense!

My next swimming competition will be on the 6th and 7th of February (long course swimming pool – 50m).”

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