New year, New start

How to rediscover your best form and stay on top of the changes you have made.

After your new year celebrations and your 2016 goals being set it is time to go and put them into action and really discover just how great you can be.

As expected some people will have fallen off the wagon already with a few of their goals and will need some motivating in order to begin their new year journey again. This is is fine as January is the ideal opportunity to look at your original goals and re-adjust them or even redefine them given the situation you may find yourself in now it is a few weeks into 2016.

One of the main issues people find is that their original goals or targets they set were too high or were out of line with their own priorities/lifestyle. This isn’t something to be concerned about with however as it will take just a couple of simple tweaks or adjustments for you to re-align your goals with the cold hard facts or reality.

Making changes to your goals because of events you didn’t see coming shouldn’t be seen as a failure or a bad thing, it should be viewed as a responsible act because you are realising that you cannot achieve your best without changing your focus or your goal outcome. It sometimes takes more from a person to be able to realise an adjustment is needed and so if you find yourself evaluating where you are or where you want to be then don’t panic. Be smart with your new goals and be realistic with them. Only then will you be able to go and fully smash them and improve yourself. Failure to recognise a change is needed can sometimes lead to no change at all.


Be focussed on the new diet plan you may have considered before the new year and if it something you really want to change in order to create a new you then give it the correct time and focus it deserves. Eating right for 3 days only to pig out for the next 4 days isn’t the way forward. That will only put you back to square one. If changing your meal plans and picking the right foods doesn’t sound like something you would enjoy then make it fun for you! Find the right way for yourself not what others have told you to do. Experiment with flavours, recipes and plans. There is going to be a good way for you to eat right it might just take a while for you to find it. So why not enjoy the process and get friends involved with the cooking, eat things you have never tried before and see what your body best responds to. These big changes take time and there is no quick fix so have some patience and the rewards will be great for you.


When you first begin a new exercise plan you will find some things that don't feel good for you and you will find some that work a treat for you. The idea is to work on the new you through a time of X. If you cannot put a limit on the time it will take for you to change then why would you limit the amount of times it takes for you to feel right exercising. If it hurts then change the exercise. If it feels like it is helping then it probably is. Your body needs adequate time in order to understand what it is doing but you do not want to shock it into submission. If something isn’t working you need to simplify it for yourself but do not completely give it up. If you cannot run on an incline of 10% for 30 minutes then don’t just think “I can’t run I will just walk.” Tell yourself you can get to that point and simplify the exercise. Run for 15 minutes on no incline and make it a goal to reach that point you have in your mind.


The power of positivity cannot be spoken about enough. Most people’s failures come from within as it is with most people’s successes. The ability to block out everything and anything other than “I can do this” or “I have to do this” is what separates winners from losers and the weak from the strong. As you begin to look to change your body and your eating habits it would be foolish of you to not change your mindset or your belief system. Become the winner and really embrace the new lifestyle you are choosing as without a healthy mind alongside your new healthy body you will be fighting a losing battle from within. Become your own hero and your own benchmark each day and you will see amazing results.

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