The perfect Christmas wish list for the fit

This week we take a look at the best and most practical gift ideas for those who will be more inclined to lift a dumb bell than a mince pie and run a hill rather than do the Christmas shopping run.

With Christmas just around the corner and your shopping list probably getting longer you may be thinking of what to buy that one person in the family who refuses all the chocolates and is keen on maintaining their fitness levels over the Winter seasons. It can be difficult to second guess what to buy the fit fan in the family or even that best friend who remains in shape all year as the usual rules don't apply but don't be worried as our gift buying list will help you to form some idea of what to surprise them with. Try to keep an open mind about what you can buy and don't just think that you have to buy clothes or weight sets or benches to please your fitness orientated family member or friend.

A workout/fitness diary

This is always a useful tool for the fitness fan as a lot of people will always keep a track of their progress in the form of a diary or a logbook. You can find several versions of this on the market but a lot of the time a simple day per page A5 diary should do the job for the most committed of health fans.

A selection of hand towels

Despite seeming like a nominal thing for a present, towels are constantly used by fitness fans during a week's workout effort and without one (especially during the Summer months) it can be tough to get  a good grip by simply wiping your hands on your tracksuit bottoms. So don't feel silly or ashamed of buying some small hand towels as the gym goers you buy for will surely appreciate them.

Digital body weight scale

Along with writing down their fitness progress most people who workout will tend to keep an eye on bodyweight at some point in their training. Why not help their progress and get them a digital set of scales that will help them keep off unwanted pounds and if you do opt for a set of scales then maybe go for a body fat calculator for that added quality.

Smart watch/fitness band

There are so many of these on the market at the moment as the usual New Year resolutions kick in for people so choices are large. You may have to know a bit  about the person you are buying for before buying one but generally if they are an experienced fitness fanatic then the more functions on your watch/band the better. Many of the newer models can offer heart rate numbers, USB charging capabilities, waterproofing and even pedometer counts, making them ideal for the real healthy family member.

Fruit juicers

If you are not a fan of the Nutri bullet and want to go for a cheaper alternative then there are many out there for you to look at that do a similar job. Opt for a well known brand name an go for a recognised brand to avoid having any technical issues down the line. Look at supermarket stock as well as reputable on-line retailers for good deals when buying for your family member or friend.

Remember when you are buying any gifts for those fitness fanatics you may have in your life that it is important to not just go for the obvious things like a set of weights or the roll up yoga mat. Think outside the box and think about what they may use on a regular basis that they may have to replace quite often. Drinks bottles and food storage boxes are a good idea but buying somebody a pair of running shoes won't really help as they don't have the option to try them on for a good fit. So be generous and think practicality for those Christmas fitness fanatics!

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