Bulking for Mesomorphs

This week I break down what to look for if you are bulking and you are a Mesomorph.

Before you think of starting a bulk it is really important to understand the building blocks of what makes a successful one. The first thing to think about is what body type you are and how it will affect a bulk taking place. The three main body types that people fall into are Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. There is a different plan of attack for all three body types and it is a great idea to try and match yourself to one otherwise you could be working against your body whilst trying to add any amount of mass.

The Mesomorph is a person who has an incredibly athletic overall physique and body type. They are generally those who have a very muscular frame with the ability to not hold any real body fat of a high percentage. They tend to have a higher metabolism rate which keeps their body fat in check and they find putting muscle mass on easier than most.

I'm sure we can all remember that one kid at school who stayed skinny and lean all the way until they were sixteen or seventeen when suddenly they exploded into a muscle filled mini giant, this is typical Mesomorph territory.

So how can you tell if you are a Mesomorph? These are the traits of the Mesomorph;

  • ​Naturally lean
  • Broad shoulders
  • Naturally muscular
  • Thicker bone density than Ectomorphs
  • Medium to fast metabolism

The Mesomorph as you can see from the above points, is someone who would appear to be naturally gifted when it comes to thinking about a bulk. With their ability to keep body fat off and keep adding large amounts of muscle during training then a bulking period should be a pretty successful one. This body type can keep their naturally athletic figure without too much effort during a bulk of any kind and so if you identify this body type as yours then you should look forward to a bulk.

As with all bulks there is a need for an increased intake of high quality protein as the intake will only help towards increased defined mass. With carbohydrates the key is mainly to aim for the complex carbs as they work over a longer time and are easier to break down meaning you get the best possible nutrients from them. Being a Mesomorph however means you tend to burn off fats and excess carbohydrates rather easily so if you can't stick to a regimented routine of complex carbohydrates and whole grains then all will not be lost.

Because of your increased fat burning some Mesomorphs can be tempted to take things a little easy when training and eat many of the bad foods other steer clear of but this is bad practice.

You should be aiming to use your naturally athletic and muscle building ability to their maximum and really push your potential where you can in training and during dieting.

A great way to really push yourself to your limits would be to have an improved bulking season and you can do this by adding one of BioTech Usa's great supplements to your routine. One of which would be their Nitro Gain. With 30g of pure protein, 90g of carbohydrate and their unique GAIN NRG-blend offering many creatines and vitamins to aid all your training goals, it is a sure fire way to help you push your bulking targets this winter season.

So if you find that you fall under the Mesomorph body type then the following points can help in aiding a great bulk;

  • ​Push your limits! - You are a naturally gifted athlete so don't rest on your successes and make the most of your advanced physique by pushing yourself to the best possible version of you.
  • Get the good fats! - Don't be afraid to eat those good fats as your medium to fast metabolism will pick out all the good stuff and leave the nasty unwanted things away from your chiselled frame.
  • Add a supplement! - Maximize your efforts with a top brand supplement like those found from Biotech USA's online shop.
  • Keep yourself hydrated! - Aim for a minimum of around 3-6 litres per day and keep your body in tip top condition.


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