I have to beat the best Alexis to the date, beat my best version!

My expectation is to the better than the one that always makes it more difficult every time, who waits in the mirror and tells me: “Let’s see if you beat me this time”

Congratulations on your first place at the Liverpool Amateur Olympia and for getting your PRO card. What do you think about the competition season so far?

Thank you very much! I think I will never forget this season in my whole life; there’s been a before and after in my sportive career. Since December 2014, when I got my World Championship title, after that getting a gold medal at the European and being the overall champion of the continent, then I got no less than second place at the Olympia amateur in Prague and, not satisfied with that, a few weeks later, I got all my resources out last weekend to be able to compete in Liverpool and get the Overall; and my Pro card which I fought and worked so hard for. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I even get emotional describing it. I’m not sure anybody has had a season like mine, as meteoric as some of the competitors at the championship thought.

Having a PRO card is the biggest honour in Fitness, what does it mean to you?

This recognition means to me half of my life work, and I would be selfish if I said that it’s only thank to my effort and merit. This is the result of many people’s help who walk next to me, giving me unconditional support, my life partner who I couldn’t do this without, the strength I get when I think of my little one, my coach, my family, friends, business partner; everyone around me is a key part for me to get here. As it has been BioTechUSA with its support from the very beginning, thanks to the vision of our sport manager who saw great potential in me when I was unknown and had never competed in international events. I think it is easy to sponsor a Pro if you have the money; but the difficult thing is what BioTechUSA has done, seeing where a pro might be and help him or her become one. It is the same case with my coach’s work, I started a year ago (5 of November) in the same conditions, and 365 days later he has created a PRO. I’m happy because this makes happy many people I love.

What do you expect from the World Championship in Hungary?

Exactly the same as all championships I compete in, beat my only rival, the one that always makes it more difficult every time, who waits in the mirror and tells me: “Let’s see if you beat me this time”, I have to beat the best Alexis to the date, beat my best version. A world Championship is another story, maximum level, competitors that are ex world champions and whose intention is to revalidate their titles, it’s going to be an unforgettable experience.

Your body is exceptional. Please, share you competition diet with our followers.

I go through different phases. I must say that my carbohydrate unloading the week before is not a total unload as my metabolism works at a very high rhythm and it accelerates with a controlled intake of them, so I just reduce them; what I usually do would be pretty much like this:

Meal 1: 60 gr oat flakes / 100 ml egg whites / 100 gr chicken breast

Meal 2: 180 gr chicken breast / 175 gr sweet potato / 1 cup of green vegetables

Meal 3: 250 gr white fish / 50 gr rice / 1 cup of vegetables

Meal 4: 180 gr chicken breast / 1 cup of green vegetables / 7 ml olive oil

Meal 5: 250 gr white fish / 1 cup of green vegetables / 7 ml olive oil

Meal 6: 40 gr protein Iso Why ZERO with mineral water

Which are the main supplements that help you on the last period of your preparation?

During unloading phase, everything I take during preparation except for creatine. I take my dose of Nitrox Therapy, to increase glucose extraction.

Glutamine, BCAAs, Zinc and Magnesium, L-Carnitine, Iso Whey ZERO, Omega 3, CLA 400, Vitamine C and One-A-Day

Which are your main goals for next season?

Now I’m going to take a period of relative rest, give priority to my family, friends and projects that have not been compatible with a preparation at this level. I want to help my clients, go on a bike ride with my father, go for a run on the countryside and practice Crossfit, all combined with bodybuilding training but on maintenance level, and enjoy things I haven’t done for a very long time.

Then I will get into 2016, with a period to improve my muscular proportions that can make me competitive on the professional league. At the right time, I will evaluate the possibility to compete at the end of next year, when, together with my team (my coach, my life partner, etc.) will value whether it’s the right time to do it, as long as there are guarantees to recover the investment that means attending a championship of this level.

Have you ever been to Hungary? Are you excited about the trip?

No, never had the chance to be at this emblematic city in Europe.

I’m very excited as, besides of being the place where the World Championship will take place, it is also where the headquarters of BioTechUSA are, and I hope I can meet there with many team members who I had the pleasure to meet in the past and I feel a deep affection for; and also get to know new team partners. And well, hopefully I can share with them good results from my participation in the World Championship. I hope I can have some time off to be able to visit this wonderful city as a tourist.

What’s your message for your Hungarian followers?

My message is that as many Fitness lovers as possible attend this championship; an event like doesn’t happen often in their country. I’m not sure that Hungary has a representative in my category but, if they don’t, they can adopt and support me and I will do my best on their name. Apart from this, I also want to tell any supporter who recognizes me that it will my pleasure to take pictures and have a chat with them.

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