From Russia to Hungary: Xenia Sheveleva

Xenia Sheveleva packs her bags to visit Hungary for the first time and compete for the World Championship!

Congratulations for your 1st place in Russian Championships. What do you think of your competition season so far?

Thank you so much. I had a long way to this title, it was my 5th national championship, before I became twice silver medalist and two times bronze. Competition in these tournaments is always very high, attracts the best athletes from all over Russian regions. The Russian national team, is considered one of the best in the world. The winners of the national championship of Russia, are  always the potential leaders for the next international tournaments.

What are your expectations from the World Championships in Hungary?

There are many expectations. My goal - to put a better physique! We (me and my coach) will make everything to show the highest level of training for all fans of this nomination, and of course, strict but fair judges.

Your physique is outstanding. Please share your competition diet with our followers.

Thank you, this is mainly hard work for a very long time. Now the main food of my diet is turkey breast and egg whites, vegetables and nuts. And nutrition supplements.

What are the main supplements that help you in the last period of the preparation?

After every workout - Iso Whey ZERO, and whenever is possible I add it to coffee. I also take amino acids like  Amino Essentials, as well as the whole range of vitamins and mineral supplements. Protein Fuel during exercise.

What are your main objectives for the upcoming season?

I am totally focused on the World Cup. At least having a place in the podium.

Have you ever been in Hungary? Are you excited for the trip?

I've never been in Hungary and I am very excited for this trip; it’s a new country for me. I hope to see beautiful architecture, to learn more about national culture. I find out on the interent that one of necessary things to do is to bring a paprika from Hungary. And this country is the home of my favorite BioTechUSA, so I want to see how everything is going there.

What is your message to the Hungarian followers?

I have followers in Hungary? ;) Well, I wish the will come to the World Championships in Budapest, and enjoy the beauty of sports bodies. I think this will be very cool!

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