Bulking For Ectomorphs

This week I break down what to look for if you are bulking and you are a classic 'hard gainer'.

When we talk about bulking we need to really start by understanding what body type you have and how it will respond to a change in your diet. Everybody is different and it should not just be one rule for all when you begin to think about adding mass to your frame.

There are three main body types that people will be classed in; Ectomporph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. All three will require a different plan of action when bulking as all three body types respond in certain ways when radically changing diet and intake of foods. It is important that you identify what kind of body type you have and how it will respond to certain changes in your diet.

This week I will explain how an Ectomorph's body will be set up and also how it can respond to something like a bulk over the winter months. Classically an Ectomporph is known as a 'hard gainer'. This basically means that it is extremely difficult for these body types to gain any weight quickly and will have to alter their diet quite a lot in order for them to show any real results when adding mass.

The typical things to look for in an Ectomorph body type are;

  • A skinny frame
  • Fast metabolism
  • Lean
  • Finds it really hard to gain any weight

This body type finds it incredibly difficult to gain any weight which means that when a bulk is in progress there is a requirement for a much bigger calorie intake in order to avoid a calorie deficit. Obviously you cannot just go and eat anything you want and there should be an intake of good high protein and carbohydrate foods.  It is also recommended that supplements are taken alongside these two as it will offer a more effective alternative to flood your body and system with the required numbers of calories and nutrients.

BioTech USA has the Hyper Mass 5000 gainer that is formulated to assist with adding bulk.

Ectomporphs generally lose weight a lot easier than other body types which is why they can cut back to being lean a lot easier but why it is also more difficult for them to gain weight. Alongside an increased calorie intake there should be a focus when training of short intense workouts focusing on large muscle groups. This combined with a much bigger diet intake should see a good bulking phase be completed and should see you add some quite serious weight.

So if you identify yourself as an Ectomporph the key points when thinking of bulking are;

  • Eat as much as you can! - Try to radically increase you calorie intake with good proteins, complex & simple carbs + fats!
  • Train quick and hard! - Focus on a quick intense workout in order to keep the gains coming. Long routines can strip you of any potential mass as your body burns fat easier than most.
  • Take supplements! - With the added calories and nutrition from a supplement you should find your bulk is easier with a little help.
  • Carb up! - Carbohydrates are your best friend and being an Ectomorph you can't really have too much. Stock up on those carbs and fuel your quick intense workouts for great results.
  • Stay hydrated! - It is always important to keep hydrated during your training so aim for 2-5 litres a day.


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