A double addition to the BioTechUSA team!

Meet Christoph and Alexander Friedl, The shredded twins to join our athletes team!

How old were you when you started weightlifting and what was your motivation back in the days?

We started weight lifting at the Age of 15 years. We always wanted a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger, at least a body like the guys from „Baywatch“ (TV Show) if we couldnt get like Arnold.

At the age of 14 we had a sportlesson in school and the girls saw our Sixpack (wich we had from gymnastics Training) and all of them wanted to be our girlfriends after that! From this moment we decided to start weight lifting!

Why did you choose the path of a competitor?

After 5 years of consequent training weh ad achieved a well developed Physique, and were asked from german coaches to start bodybuilding competitions. But we didnt want to bulk up the whole year to be ripped and an top just for a short time per year. We wanted to be ripped alltime, the whole year! And we also were modelling, so we couldnt loose our shape for such a long time like it is common fort he most bodybuilder.

But as we heard that there is a new class since 2013 in Austria, the mens Physique classe, we know that this would be our class! This is what we ever want to look like, aesthatic and ripped as hell! So we said: „Now or never, No excuses!

What are your biggest results?

At first we won the „newcomer“ Contest in Austria, then the international Austrian Masterships and also if we didnt had planned to start at the European Masterships, I also got into the Finals in my first season! I was pretty happy about that!

But our biggest results were this season in autumn 2015:

  • 1st place and Overall at the Fitbalance BioTech Cup „Mr.Beachbody“ in Hungary
  • 1st place at the Austrian Masterships
  • 3rd Place Arnold Classics Europe in Madrid (Spain)
  • 3rd Place Mr.Olympia Europe in Prague (Czech Republic)

And I am tuned what will be possible at the world masterships in Hungary next weeks!

What is the best and the worst thing in a preparation?

The best thing in a preperation, ist the amazing shape! You get leaner, fuller and more shredded day by day!

The worst thing in a preparation ist the stress! You do more and more, but eat lesser every month… The daily workouts also need time and the other time, you have no focus for important work because of the lack of decreased carbs…

What are your biggest dream in fitness you would like to achieve?

Our biggest dream is to become PRO some day!! And also to get fame over Social Media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

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