Super Foods Make A Super Body

There are ways to make sure you don't add any unwanted pounds whilst also keeping your diet clean and adding some vital nutrients and vitamins.


When the winter months roll in there is a need for you to focus on warmer and more 'comfy' foods that can sometimes lead to adding a few pounds during a less active period. There are ways to make sure you don't add any unwanted pounds whilst also keeping your diet clean and adding some vital nutrients and vitamins.

This is a list of potential diet staples for you to consider when training during the colder months which could help toward keeping you as fit as possible whilst training.


This is a great whole grain to add to your diet as it fills you up for longer and keeps hunger away whilst adding vital amounts of fibre to your diet. It has also been known to reduce your bad cholesterol levels in certain cases.

Tip - Try this with mixed berries for breakfast as a true winter warmer on those cold mornings.


Cinnamon can be a great alternative to using sugar in your coffee or tea. It tastes great mixed in your usual morning pick me up and gives your drink an extra kick! It has been known to have antibacterial properties which will help towards you overall well being as well as preventing colds and flu.

Tip - Try mixed in a protein shake with some nuts/seeds and fruit for an all-natural pre workout shake alternative.


These can be a great alternative to your standard potato! They have over 400% of you RDA (recommended daily allowance) in just one medium sized potato. They are also very rich in Vitamin C, calcium and potassium which can all help toward staying fit during the colder months.

Tip - Use a sweet potato instead of your normal baked one's or add mayonnaise to create a nice mash!

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Using ginger in cooking but especially in a hot tea can be real help toward staying warm in winter. The extract has warming properties and if used in tea on a regular basis has been known to help with muscle soreness after intense workouts. It can also help to keep hunger away if used regularly.

Tip - Swap your sugar filled tea in the morning for a hot ginger and honey tea for an added vitamin filled boost in the morning.


Many people don't like using sweet peppers in their cooking but it has really good benefits to your health. It clears nasal congestion, has a bucket full of vitamin C and aids digestion. Most people suffer in the winter months with some form of cold so using peppers could help clear your airways.


This vegetable isn't just for your Sunday’s. Full of vitamin C broccoli can help toward keeping the flu away if used regularly in a balanced diet. Plenty of Vitamin C in your diet can help produce vital interferon, an antibody that can help to stop infections getting in your system and blocks viruses.

Tip - Use these chopped into halves in stir fries and pasta dishes. You can also steam a portion and have it as a side dish with a sweet chilli marinade.

Alongside these super foods for you to consider Biotech USA also offer some amazing products to help you stay healthy in the cold. IMMUN SUPPORT contains vitamins C and B6 and essential elements to support normal functioning of the immune system.

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