Sometimes restricting your body can be less productive

Interview with Taeo Robinson

Health prevention is crucial for athletes. What is your recipe to avoid illnesses?

My recipe to avoid illness is to maintain regular sleep, a good daily water intake and use a strong multi-vitamin avoid me being more prone to getting a cold or flu.

Do you consume enough vegetables and fruits during preparation to meet your daily vitamin and mineral needs?

My fruits and vegetables vary during competition preparation, dependent on how I feel It normally consume 3-7 types of vegetables week and 3-5 types of fruit weekly.

What kind of vitamins do you use regularly?

I use Daily Pack everyday.

People think a shredding diet is an unbalanced nutrition, which can be a key factor in the occurrence of several illnesses. What do you think about it?

I think that having a variety of foods like fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry and other types help you to understand your body. And sometimes restricting your body can be less productive dependent on the extremity.

Do you skip workouts when you feel sick? What happens when you are in preparation and you get sick?

I take time off to avoid me doing any long term damage.


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