Summer into Autumn

How to keep your motivation fires burning during the colder months!

As we all know by now the days are shorter and the temperatures are dropping which may mean your motivation to get out there and smash your workouts could be dropping. However, just because it may not be shorts and vest season any longer doesn't mean your routine and your fitness should suffer!

It is vital to keep on top of your routines during the colder months as there can be a temptation to stay in and keep warm, which comes along with comfort foods and warm lazy evenings in front of the T.V or computer! Don't get me wrong, that does sound good but your fitness journey still needs to be your focus and that is where we start!

There are some tips and tricks to staying fit during the colder months and I will list a few of them here so you can keep smashing your goals!


New Kit

Obviously with the colder temperatures and shorter days new kit should be high on your list of things to do. With less hours of daylight around and a busy schedule you may have to still work out or train into the darker evenings. Make sure you are keeping your muscles warm enough with track pants, thermals and layers. You can also make sure you are visible to traffic/pedestrians if out running with reflective gear and wrist bands available from all stockists.

Immune System

During the Autumn and Winter months people can become susceptible to illness and becoming unwell. There are things you can do to prevent this so that you don't have to miss smashing your training targets or creating new personal bests. Why not try to boost your immune system by eating well and avoiding too many 'comfort foods' during the colder months. You could also try to use a multivitamin complex to enhance your vitamin intake and a good added supplement would be Biotech's Multivitamin tablets for men and women. With antioxidants, amino acids and minerals added, it can prove to be a great for your workout routines in the harsher months. Check here the Multivitamin for Men and here the Multivitamin for Women.

Workout with friends

With the increased need to keep warm later in the year during working out and keeping your motivation high in order to say on top of your goals, a good way to stay on target is to train with friends. Many people like to workout alone and I for one appreciate a good gym session with just me and the gym! There are times however when some struggle to make it to the gym when the rain is thrashing down and the wind is swirling around. It might be a good idea in this period to arrange a few training sessions with friends and colleagues. Working out with somebody else can increase your competition levels and keep spirits high when the weather outside doesn't look too inviting. So, go grab a friend or two and smash your training goals together whilst the weather does what it wants outside!


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