Shredding for people with bigger muscles

Shredding when you have a naturally bigger muscle set is sometimes difficult to plan. Here I will try to breakdown how to effectively carry out a shredding phase when you are someone who has a bigger muscle mass than the average athlete.


When considering diet changes there are a few staples to your intake you must consider being naturally bigger. Your high protein diet must be accompanied with a lowered carbohydrate intake as you aim to keep the bulk of your muscle mass as high as possible.

Alongside this a regular routine of eating little and often and an aim of between 3-6 meals a day should make up for any calorie deficit you might be going through. It is at this phase that you should probably start to think about meal prep. This can play a massive role in ensuring you are feeding your body the correct nutrition at the most key times.

Keeping any sugar intake low and as natural as possible is essential to avoid adding any unwanted calories during your shredding.

Hydration is an essential part to any training you are undertaking but particularly during a shredding phase. Try to aim for between 3-6 litres every day in order for you to perform at your optimum level during training.


Because of your increased muscle mass there are techniques that I can recommend in order to maintain your size whilst shredding.

Whilst lifting in your training regime your focus should be on less weight and trying to incorporate items such as drop sets where there is less of a focus on your maximum weight being lifted. The focus instead should be on an increased repetition range of, for example, 50-100 reps using drop sets. Each set could drop by about 20% in the weight lifted to keep your muscle building whilst maintaining a hard working level for your body to effectively shred any unwanted calories or fat.

When thinking about your cardio training to strip away unwanted fat and really cut down you should be having a focus on interval training whilst using some bodyweight exercises or all over body workouts. The use of own body weight moves should keep the muscle groups and the muscle fibres working harder than say, using a machine based circuit. This heavier workload will help you to keep your size whilst also effectively burning fat using many stations with a low rep high effort range of motion. There is also a need to have a real good focus on the full range of movement in your reps. This should help the muscle groups to really become more fatigued and working harder at maintaining your size than exercises with poor form.


As with any walk of life, not many of us function very well without much sleep. So it is vital that you aim for a solid 6-8hrs minimum each night as this will help you to perform at your very best.

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