Stefano Mattei joins BioTechUSA Team

We are proud to announce that our team has been expanded with a very talented and successful athlete, Stefano Mattei. We talked with the MuscleMania Pro sportsman about the upcoming „beach season”.


What does beach season mean to a professional athlete?
I try to prepare myself for the events that concern me, so I don’t have summer or beach season in a way you think about it in a general sense. I certainly try to keep myself fit though.

How often do you go to the beach? Which is your favourite one?
I like travelling around the world and exploring new places and beaches of course. In this summer I’ll go to Riccione (Emilia Romagna) for a short time – a town next to the Adrian Sea. But I won’t go there to lay on the beach all day, I will dedicate a hundred percent to my preparation for the next event.

Have you ever felt that people stare at you on the beach because of your physique?
In Italy people usually look at you with incredulous eyes as if I were a Martian (laughs). In the United States or Brazil, for example, I felt that people look at me because they’re respecting what I accomplished with my body.

Is your summer nutrition different than the usual? Do you consume seasonal foods?
Summer is off-season for me so I prefer to keep my diet more „quiet” with cold meats. I also replace vegetables – with a lot of carbs – to fruits in order to feel myself refreshed.

How do you stay hydrated during the hot summer days? What is your advice to the readers?
Drink at least 4 liters of water, take BioTechUSA vitamins and eat a lot of watermelon. I do the same and with this three simple steps I can keep myself hydrated even through the hottest of the days.

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