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Interview with Xenia Sheveleva, Women’s Fitness Overall European Champion


Gold medal in Women’s Bikini fitness over 172 cm and in Overall categories. Did you expect to finish the European Championship with two first places?
As an ambitious athlete, I would certainly like to win every competition. I try to show my best shape on stage when I’m there. But you should know that the Bikini Fitness category is extremely unpredictable. Sometimes even the competitors are not sure what the judges expect to see, as each country has their own particular preferences. I tried to prepare my shape while I analysed the form of former champions and winners of important competitions as well.

To be honest, I'd dreamt about the gold medal in my own category. I’d known my main opponents, but you can never be sure, a new and talented athlete can appear any time. When my name was announced at the end of the list during the medal ceremony, I just couldn’t hold my emotions any longer and cried with tears of joy. The Russian national anthem also touched me, I stood there and I thought about the long journey I’d taken to get there.

Then there were the comparisons for the absolute medals. I went on stage without excitement, I felt happiness. And then, I just waited backstage, watching my gold medal – I wasn’t even hoping for another one. After all, I’d just heard “Russia”, and I felt the upcoming heat of emotions and I realized that I’d just won the absolute European Championship. My country’s anthem played once again, I will never forget those moments. All the years of trainings, the diets, the miles I ran while watching my wrist watch… it was all worth it, after all.

What key factors do you think helped you to win and be ahead of other contestants?
I can’t say that I have any outstanding part of my body that I can set as an example. In fact, I have a few weaker muscles that I’ll try to improve really hard. In general, I consider shape as the perfectness of a whole body and the highest priority for me is the continuous development of my body’s harmonious proportions. So basically, the judges could answer questions like this. I’m just happy that their shape requirements and mine coincided this time.

Which part of the preparation seemed the hardest for you?
The preparation process is not an easy thing, I can’t highlight any particular part as the hardest one. The closer the competition gets, the more responsible I become regarding my diet, rest and training intensity. Two weeks before a competition, I try to do everything “by the book”. Training, nutrition, vitamins and other supplements are all very important if you want to look and feel great between intense workout sessions and with a strict diet.

Which BioTechUSA products did you use during the preparation?
I’m very sensitive to sugar, so I choose products with a minimum amount of or no carbohydrates. After training I use Iso Whey ZERO with 100 % L-Glutamine. Before strength and cardio training, I take Amino Essentials, L-Carnitine and one serving of Thermo Drine Pack. During workout, I drink Protein Fuel mixed with water. With meals, I usually take Amino Fuel, and during the day I take Daily Pack, H20 Q10, Arthro Guard Pack and Hyaluronic&Collagen.

In Santa Susanna, everything revolves around the fitness and bodybuilding industry during this period. How was the atmosphere there? How did you feel during those 4 days?
I do love the atmosphere of competitions! Imagine that as some kind of parallel reality! A seaside town, where perfect bodies walk around, in the gym, on the street, on the beach, almost everywhere.  150 athletes tanned and in best condition, it’s beautiful! It’s an aesthetic pleasure.

How much time do you need to rest after a competition? What are your further goals this year?
Actually, there is no time to rest this time. I allowed myself to eat some unhealthy food on the same day, of course, but I don’t want to “shock” my body with too much. The Amateur Olympia starts on 12th June, and I would like to show an even better shape than in Santa Susanna, because neither I nor my trainer were fully satisfied. My further goal for this year is the World Championship in Budapest between 13th and 16th November, but besides those two, I will definitely participate in several international competitions.

(Photo: team-andro.com)

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