This is much more than what I could have imagined

Interview with Men’s Physique overall European Champion, Alexis Gonzalez


Gold medal in your own country, which is every athlete’s dream. Since when have you been waiting for a victory like this?

Truth is, for the last 14 years of my life I have been trying to achieve as much as possible, to be honest this is much more than what I could have imagined, as you mentioned in your question, it’s a dream come true. A dream that many people work very hard for, I don’t know if as hard as I do, I can only say that I work really hard every single day of my life, no exception.

Were you expecting a gold medal in the general category too?

Not at all, I did not think that I could get the absolute title too. In fact, my goal was to repeat the final in my category and try to exceed or at least match the third place from last year.

Which was the most difficult part during this preparation?

Honestly, when we were told that my category would be delayed to the following day due to some mistake by the event’s organization.  I was perfectly tuned up and those extra hours, keeping up until the end, wore myself out more than it was expected. Even so, everything went really well.

Which BioTechUSA did you use during your preparation?

Iso Whey ZERO, 100% BCAA, Daily Pack, Omega3, CLA 400, 100% L-Glutamine, L-Carnitine 1000, Q10  Coenzyme, HMB 3000, Creatine Monohydrate, Calcium Zinc Magnesium and of course Desert, because the latter is basicly my product, since you can see my face on the advertisements (laughing).

You had your little baby with you on stage for the medal ceremony. Was it planned or was it just a spontaneous moment?

Totally unexpected!

I didn’t know they were going to bring my little one, when I saw him in the judge’s hands I thought “Oh my God, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to stand up with all these emotions” and my heart was beating even faster than when I heard my name when I won the tittle, or when I made them play twice my country’s national hymn. This is something that will remain in my memories as long as I’m alive as one of my happiest days…

How did you feel during the whole weekend? What was the atmosphere like?

If you mean before the competition, very relaxed. I had a very detailed preparation and very clear instructions from my trainer, nothing could go wrong in regards of what was depending on me, it was all carefully calculated. I was cooking my meals in my room with a partner, far from the hotel buffet’s temptations, I walked, read a book, listened to some music while seating looking at the sea, a bit isolated but focused on my goal.

After the title, I received a wave of greetings, acknowledgements, had a meal afterwards with my life partner, my son, my trainer, his daughter and his wife, with the trophies on the table, it was a great moment. When I got home I did the same with my family and closest friends, I spent the whole night without sleeping one single minute because of the adrenaline and emotions lived that day…

The day after your victory, you went for a cardio session. Didn’t you need some rest?

For me, it’s a physiological need just as eating, sleeping, or breathing while training. I hadn’t had any activity for a few days to get the charge and tuned up properly done. Besides, I was feeling so high that it was great to release and get rid of all the tension, I didn’t do it for strategy in my preparation but for pure pleasure, and here I leave the sentence that so many people loved…

…Yesterday we conquered Europe, but the world is too big to relax for so long (smiling).

Which are your plans for the rest of the year?

Well, this has made change my plans completely, as I was expecting national competitions, etc. or the Olympia that takes place in our country, but following my trainer’s advice and for personal reasons, as my brother’s wedding takes place the week before the Olympia, I think we need to separate in life, things that really matter and unique competition moments.

I would never forgive myself for not letting myself go and enjoy those really important moments of his life. Because of that, before I won in Santa Susana, I decided to prioritize the most important day of my brother’s life over this championship, no matter how good the occasion was, and in our country… so this is why we decided possibly not to reappear until the Arnold Classic Madrid, and from there, enchain several international tournaments, and if I have the opportunity and I earn it at the pre-selection, compete for the World Championship in Budapest in November!


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