I always love seeing more gains

Interview with BioTechUSA athlete Taeo Robinson


What is your biggest motivation during preparation?

My biggest motivation during preparation is hitting my daily target with food and training knowing that this will able me to bring my best condition to the competition.

What gives you strength?
My Parents and the ability to know I can play a huge influence in somebody’s life changing experience.

Who supports you before competition?
My parents, my coach (Sugar Christopher), my friends and other athletes.

How can you overcome the hard times of competitions?
Me personally, anytime I go through hard times I think “focus on the task in hand” and I can reap all the benefits long term.

What do you think when you feel like giving up?
If the greatest athlete in the world has done it at the starting stages of competing, I can do it.

How do you protect your muscles during diet?
By using a range of supplements like Iso Whey Zero, L-Glutamine and other aminos.  Also by eating foods high in protein and fats.

How do you keep your energy and strength level?
By consuming a balanced array.

Are you satisfied with your current shape?
Yes, although I always love seeing more gains!

What is your favourite training outfit?
My favourite is a Blue stringer with tapered jogging bottoms!

What is your favourite training music in competition season?
When it comes to training music I love Mystery Men a UK based group and Syla gets me all fired up. I also listen all different genres of music, they give me an array of feelings when training.

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