10 fitness gift ideas: Packages for a healthy lifestyle

If you want to surprise your fit friends, choose from BioTechUSA products! We show you our favourite product combination with a free downloadable holiday card!


10 fitness gift ideas: Packages for a healthy lifestyle

A complex food supplement package is a useful and valuable gift for everyone! Here are 10 different fitness and health gift packages, for which we have now also created a free downloadable holiday card with a suggestion on how to consume the products. Print it out and with a kind, motivating message, your surprise is sure to succeed!

Why is a supplement package a good idea as a gift for fitness lovers?

There are many product groups among nutritional supplements, from vitamins and minerals, to products that help athletes improve performance and even functional foods. Nowadays, dieticians and doctors are also increasingly recommending supplements to maintain and improve the health of the body, as the overall diet followed these days is typically poor in many nutrients, as foods today do not contain the nutrients they used to have.

Just to start with some ideas, for an athlete you could gift a performance-enhancing package, for older relatives, a vitamin, protein, or joint protection package can be a great choice, while for a friend looking to lose weight, weight loss supplements can help and are a great present to start the next year. For those transitioning to a healthy lifestyle but can’t believe that healthy food can be delicious, a gift made from high-protein, functional foods can come in handy. A complex package can include everything you need as a supplement.

The following BioTechUSA product combinations have been put together by our nutrition consultant and product specialists, so you can be sure that your friend, relative or beloved athlete will get the nutritional supplements that best suit their goals, if you order them together according to the package recommendation!

10 package ideas for health fanatics and fitness lovers

To compile the packages below, visit the BioTechUSA website or click on the product names to see them one by one!

We have holiday greeting cards available for each package with useful information on how to use the products, these cards are downloadable and printable so you can add them to your pack and complete the gift!

1) Weight loss package for ladies

It contains a 450g Ultra Loss shake, which is a great treat at any time of the day due to its excellent taste, but it is especially recommended to replace dinner with it in order to reduce the amount of calories consumed in the evening. You’ll also find L-Carnitine 100.000 Liquid in it, which not only energizes you but also helps to break down fat cells and use them as energy during your workout. The Protein Bar is a high-protein slice that can be consumed during a weight loss period to reduce cravings for sweets, a real "healthy cheat".

2) Shredding pack for men

The package contains a 500g Iso Whey Zero protein powder that is available in plenty of delicious flavours, including a limited-edition Christmas gingerbread flavouring. It is a lactose-free, fast-absorbing protein shake powder that helps regenerate muscles after a strenuous workout and begins regeneration immediately. Protein helps build muscle and does not contain any other excess nutrients (carbohydrates or fat) that would delay your shredding goals. It also includes Black Burn with high caffeine content, 11 types of plant extracts and other active ingredients, which make it an ideal thermogenic formula and a useful supplement for fat burning.

3) Shredding pack for ladies

Like the men’s package, it also contains Iso Whey Zero protein powder, as women also need high protein intake during the shredding period. Adequate protein intake is essential for muscles to receive the nutrients needed for regeneration, and for the body to maintain muscle during a diet, stimulating the use of body fat as a source of energy. The package also includes a thermogenic weight control formula, Thermo Drine, which contributes to fat burning and shredding by increasing the amount of energy used during the day.

4) Weight gain package

The first few months of the year are about weight gain for many. This is complemented by 100% Pure Whey protein powder, which is available also in unflavoured form, making it a great ingredient to add to your fit recipes. After training, it is advisable to mix a portion of protein with Carbox, a carbohydrate complex so that the tired muscle is fully replenished and has access to all the necessary nutrients for its development. Carbox is also available unflavoured for it not to interfere with your favourite protein flavours. And adding to the list, 100% Creatine Monohydrate is an excellent strength booster, so you get more strength and energy for great workouts. Ideal for a workout boost and to train with really big weights and hard loads, resulting in an increased muscle mass!

Complex immune booster package

5) Complex immune booster package

Nowadays, it is especially important to strengthen and maintain our immune system. We complete intake of vitamins and minerals so that we don’t run out of anything when the food no longer covers the daily amount needed. For the perfect package, we recommend a One-A-Day multivitamin, Vitamin C in 1000 mg form, Magnesium + Chelate, which is a popular formula for its efficient absorption, as well as Zinc + Chelate, and capsules containing Omega 3 fatty acids and many other aspects important for vascular health. The package isn’t complete without Vitamin D3, contributing to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth and normal function of the immune system.

6) Healthy snacks for the sweet tooth

Can a candy be healthy? Is it possible to eat sweets during the diet? The answer is yes! You just have to think carefully about what kind of sweets you eat. The products in the package do not contain added sugar, so they can be consumed while you are on diet. Apply Protein Cream to a delicious oatcake or between two oatmeal cookies. With Zero Syrup, you can add flavour to your pancakes made from healthy ingredients, as it is sugar-free and available in chocolate, strawberry or maple syrup flavours! And with a few drops of Zero Drops available in 10 different flavours, you can get divine flavours in your coffee, yogurt or porridge without increasing its calorie content. Last, but not least, instead of traditional chocolates, make your snacking time healthier and give protein to your body at the same time with the help of Protein Bar, so you don't have to give up the taste of traditional chocolate!

7) Complex joint protection package

Whether it’s sports, injury prevention or rehabilitation, be it for our older parents or for you, the joint protection package is good for everyone. It contains Arthro Guard tablets, a complex of active ingredients (MSM, glucosamine, collagen) made for the health of bones, cartilage and connective tissues. Collagen Liquid has beneficial effects on connective tissues, tendons, joints and even the skin! And Vitamin D3 contributes to the normal functioning of healthy bones, normal teeth, the immune system, and the maintenance of healthy muscle function.

8) Product package for endurance sports

If you have a family member who likes running, swimming, cycling or other endurance sports, they will be very happy with IsoTonic drink powder, which effectively restores the amount of lost fluids, sugar, trace elements, vitamins and minerals in the blood during or after training. This makes regeneration easier and reduces fatigue. Among the lost minerals, magnesium is especially important for muscle function, which is easiest to replace during training with the practical Magna Shot. And after training, refilling comes with After, which provides all the nutrients you need to start regeneration.


9) Supplement vegan style

At BioTechUSA we also take care of people following a vegan diet, so we offer them a package that they can incorporate into their everyday lives. Vegan Protein makes it easier to ingest protein that is difficult to secure from vegan foods, while essential amino acids can be ingested with EAA Zero beverage powder during or after training in the easiest and fastest way. Peanut Butter, which is made using only peanuts and a little salt, provides a number of useful fatty acids, and is also extremely tasty and available in perfectly creamy or crunchy textures.

10) Christmas exclusive package

This year, too, we prepared for the holidays with a special Christmas product package that includes a gingerbread-flavoured Iso Whey Zero protein powder, a Santa Claus shaker and a particularly delicious apple pie-flavoured Zero Bar. Really festive flavours in a unique gift box. This package looks great under the Christmas tree and contains products that are useful for everyone!

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