A trusty guide in body fat percentage: How to measure it? How much is too much? What can I do about it? Click to find out!
BMI is a measure of a person's weight compared to their height. It can indicate a ton of health-related conditions, and it is easy to use. Click to find out more!
Running is a great way to burn calories, but how do we run to make the most of weight loss? Methods, tips for successful weight loss by running!
Did you know that protein is essential for weight loss and getting a lean and shredded body? Get yourself in shape for the summer with the Iso Whey Zero Clear refreshing protein drink!
The best equipment for home workouts and 15 exercises for strength training that can be done anywhere.
We explain the role of protein in fat loss and muscle gain, and how a low carb and protein rich diet can help to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass.
If you want to get the most out of your home cardio workouts, try these 8 really effective fat burning exercises for 30 minutes a day!
We explain the benefits of homemade energy bars, why do we recommend them before training, and 5 energy bar recipes to prepare at home.
Spring is coming and many want to give running a try, but usually give it up quickly. Here are the most common running mistakes that a beginner should avoid to stay motivated.
The best natural immune boosters, the vitamins, minerals or antioxidants they contain, and why are they important for a healthy immune system.
Wie du mit einem effektiven Zirkeltraining deine Fitness verbesserst, Muskeln aufbaust und dabei Zeiteffektiv trainierst.
We explain why eating is important after workout for muscle recovery, and development, together with the best nutrients and timing for post-workout meals.
We introduce Vitamin B3 and its effects on health and energy production.
We explain why a healthy dinner is important for weight loss and show you 8 light dinner recipes under 400 calories.
How many calories should you eat a day to lose weight? We help you count BMR and the necessary calorie deficit, with a recommended daily meal plan.
A healthy and sustainable lifestyle goes beyond your diet and exercise; there are also responsible actions you can take for a better environment. We offer you 5 alternative uses for your old protein containers, for the world to get back in shape too!
Maintaining health, losing weight, increasing muscle mass or improving endurance is not an unattainable dream, it is just a lifestyle change. Here are 8 steps on how to get started!
10 diet and protein-rich Christmas recipes for lovers of a healthy lifestyle: festive dishes with low fat, sugar and carbs.
If you want to surprise your fit friends, choose from BioTechUSA products! We show you our favourite product combination with a free downloadable holiday card!
A 5-day home-workout plan for beginners with useful tips on how to start training if you want to lose weight or gain muscle.
We explain how Zinc and Selenium help to support the immune system through their antioxidant effect.
Feeling your muscles burn during training and having to stop exercising is normal. Today we’re going to talk about how to go beyond that threshold of effort
We explain the health and skin benefits of hyaluronic acid, how it works and why it is popular in medical and skin care as well.
We introduce the role of vitamin D while boosting your immune system; the best vitamin D sources and tips to raise vitamin D level.
Casein, whey, have you always wondered what to choose? What is the difference between these two? Follow our little guide to learn all about these two types of protein.
Testosterone is the crucial male hormone in the human body. Understanding its effects and knowing how to boost its levels helps boost physical fitness.
We explain the basics to get a flat stomach, and the 10 best workout exercises for your core and abdomen.
Here are the basics of a vegetarian protein diet and the best protein sources. Plus 8 delicious vegetarian, not vegan, meals that help build muscle.
Do you like experimenting with various variations of cardio exercises that are not only good for you but also great for staying fit? Try power walking.
A complete guide for beginners on how to start calculating their calories and how to sett up their personalized meal plan.
We introduce the inulin as an ingredient in many healthy and sport supplements - what is it, what is it good for, and how does it effect on weight loss?
We explain the benefits of using meal replacement shakes in weight loss diet, and introduce you to our BioTechUSA formula, a perfect solution for meal replacement.
We explain how a vegan lifestyle helps to improve sport performance, the best plant-based protein sources and 5 high-protein recipes for lunch or dinner.
When composing a diet, you need to select the right food sources. You need to know the best sources of protein to make the best choices.
A ketogenic diet is very effective in losing body fat. We will give you an example of this diet over a full week of eating.
We show you 4 healthy complete breakfast solutions for vegans, and explain why is it important to start the day with these ingredients.
We show you the top 5 chest muscle exercises at the gym, and 5 others you can use to replace them during your home workouts!
We introduce the benefits of coenzyme Q10 in skincare, sport performance and weight loss through its main features.
We introduce to you the different types of collagen and help you to find the perfect collagen product.
How to lose weight fast in a healthy way, the side effects of extreme weight-loss diets, and tips for a better shape in 2-3 weeks.
We help you lose that unwanted belly fat you’ve been struggling with. Here are 8 tips you can easily put in practice to look better and feel better.
Heart rate measurement is an essential part of your workouts for development. In our article, you can find out what we recommend if your goal is to increase endurance, build muscle, or just burn fat.
We introduce a 1200-calorie diet, its advantages and explain why it is recommended in certain cases. 7-day meal plan around 1200 calories per day.
We explain the effects of caffeine on the human body and how it can improve sport performance. Also its 5 top benefits from a scientific point of view.
We help you understand the connection between iodine deficiency and thyroid problems, and we also help you choose the right products!
During quarantine you can also make healthy recipes, if you prepare in time. We brought you some tips and recipes.
The development of insulin resistance can be due to improper lifestyle. And together with the right diet and supplements, you can fight it with sports. Let's show you how!
Now, that we are all forced to train at home during coronavirus epidemic, we would like to show you 3 from the most effective exercises you can stay fit with!
In this article we introduce 5 good biceps exercises and explain why they are effective, if you know the basics of how biceps muscles work.
If you want to eat healthy during an outbreak, here are some tips on what to get at home!
In this article we tell you why it is considered a super food, the many benefits Spirulina has and how it can help you reach your fitness goals.
Have you made the responsible decision and will stay at home during the coronavirus epidemic? You don't have to give up regular training yet!
Tabata is a 4 minute, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that helps you reach your goal shortly, either you want to improve your stamina or burn fat.
How to do a low-carb diet and what you should focus on while doing it for long term, examples of foods to avoid and a perfect 7-days sample meal plan.
You've come across Nordic Walking in many places. In program guides, in the woods or on the street anywhere in the city.
If you’re not genetically one of the lucky ones with a flat stomach, it will take some work to achieve that result. Learn how!
You can burn extra pounds, even at home, with circuit trainings! We'll show you two exercises that you can use if time is tight or you don't have a dumbbell at hand.
It is important to follow a gluten-free diet for even the mildest celiac disease, but how can it affect athletic performance and have a beneficial effect on healthy people?
Learn all about amino acids: What do you need for different sports and goals? We'll also show you what product you find in it.
Would you like a protein chart for your diet? We've collected the most important information about protein intake and the number of major protein sources to help you reach your goals!
We've given you a 3-day, full-body weight-boosting workout plan, and we'll tell you what diet and nutritional supplements you will need for maximum results.
Although you've heard everywhere that protein-based eating is the basis of tonic form, do you know why and what to keep in mind? This article tells you everything!
Do you want to lose 10 kilos body weight in 1 week? Do not do it…
Looking for a Kettlebell workout plan? We've compiled some of the most popular exercises that can help you gain strength without injury.
The simple rule of weight loss is this: you have to burn more calories than what you take in.
You don't have to give up your enjoyment with this 5 diet pancake recipe. Delicious, simple, and perfect to keep your shape. What more?
From now on, besides conscious eating, we also offer an alternative to conscious shopping!
Many also refer to vitamin D as the energy of the Sun, but it's a lot more than that. Learn everything about one of the most important vitamins.
Everyone can enjoy the benefits offered by omega-3, independently from the age group, gender or lifestyle. Find out more from our article!
It might have caught your attention that among our products there are several products with a name containing the word “chelate”. Let’s find out why is it so important to emphasise this, what are the major things we need to know about chelate and why is it good!
Multivitamin formulas for adults, by BioTechUSA. We'll help you choose the right one to protect your health.
Your immune system is the main defense system of your body which works hard to prevent diseases. Let’s see what you can do to boost it!
Are you fed up with strict diets or are you combating a disease? Chose Mediterranean diet and you will also lose weight more easily.
You do not need to be the victim of slow metabolism! Here are some metabolism-accelerator tips to put out everything of the way that stops your development and weight loss!
Learn more about conjugated linoleic acid, namely the CLA capsule: how does it contribute to the optimisation of the metabolic processes, and how should you use it to achieve success.
In our article we introduce 10 tricks of guaranteed effect against cellulite you can even start to apply immediately in order to get ready for the bikini season.
Do you want to achieve a muscular abdomen but simple sit-ups do not give you the desired results? You can find efficient abdominal muscle exercises in our article which will help you to get into the shape you strive for!
A thorough preparation and a good half-marathon training plan are essential for a good performance on the next competition. Here are some useful tips for the preparation!
Who said that push-ups cannot be diversified? We show you 5+1 ways to hype up this very efficient strengthening exercise!
Is it possible that too high - or even maybe too low - caloric intake prevents you from reaching your target? Then you need to do a calorie calculation! You can find out how to do it properly by reading our article.
Do you want a gentle but effective form of motion? Do you want to lose some kilos but maintain your muscles? Choose the aerobe workout, you can learn more about it in our article.
A cardio workout is one of the best ways of burning fat. Here are a few suggestions to enhance its efficiency and let’s also have a look at a few types of cardio workout!
Do you want a six-pack? Then the ab wheel is your best friend during exercising! We’ll tell you everything about the equipment and the best exercises.
If you ever considered taking appetite suppressants, please don’t! These products have no impact and there is a reason why we are feeling hungry.
You wish to increase your stamina but you are new to the world of CrossFit? We have collected basic CrossFit exercises which are easy to do for beginners as well.
Good nutrition is of paramount importance for long-distance runners, so we've gathered the most important information you need to know before a race.
How does a HIIT workout look like and what are the types of HIIT workout? What are the things we have to pay attention to regarding our diet? You will find the answers to these questions in our article!
Do you know what is taurine for? This article gives concrete information about the effects of taurine and you can find out whether it is worth using it as a dietary supplement or not.
A well-balanced vegan diet can provide many benefits. Our article will help you to achieve your goal,  e.g. if you want lose weight or if you want build muscle.
Let’s find out more about 11 plant-based protein sources, which you can enjoy even if you are following a vegetarian or vegan diet!
We'll show you 7 back exercises to strengthen your back muscles - or even get rid of your back pain!
Could you do with some extra energy during running, cycling or swimming? We will show you how can energy gels improve your performance!
In this article we will present workout exercises designed specifically for women who want to have a sexy and shapely body.
You read everywhere how important protein shakes are. But do you know exactly why, and what effects protein powders have?
Do you want a nice ripped body? It's not only hard workout and clean eating that can help you on your way to losing weight but also a variety of dietary supplements!
If you want to learn about a few new and really special recipes using protein powder, continue reading for our 8 recipes
If you want to know why we recommend proteins before bedtime, click and read our article.
If you want a professionally composed regimen, include the following 10 foods to increase the effectiveness of your diet
You’d need a time machine to catch up on your backlog? You keep running a race with your daily to-do’s? Win the battle! Meet the new Zero Shake, a convenient, ready-to-drink protein drink that will surely fit into your time, bag and even your diet. Take it anywhere, drink it anytime. Supplement your protein needs easily, even on your busiest days.
You don't need to be afraid of these weight control supplements, since they basically contain active ingredients naturally occurring in your body, but in a purity and quantity which is difficult to take in simply with food and drinks.
Zero Bar is a perfect alternative to sweets if don’t want to cheat during your diet. However, if you want even more variety, we can show you 3 recipes which creatively use protein bars to make cookies. To top it all, all these desserts are healthy, fit and, of course, rich in protein.
A protein bar with no added sugar and available in 11 fantastic flavours of chocolate, coffee and cookie, Zero Bar is sure to become you favourite snack to replace chocolate!
Try a simple, but healthy and sugar-free dessert recipe if you want to loosen your strict diet a little, but still prefer high-quality carbs on your cheat days, too. Followers of the vegan lifestyle, ice-cream lovers and fans of classic cakes will all find something they like among our no-bake recipes.
Typically, it's the end of the year, the holiday season when we’re most likely to put on some weight. We’re not very active on cold winter days, anyway; besides, the family gatherings during the holiday usually include great feasts where you may as well double your normal calorie intake.  And that leads straight to excess weight. However, you can also prepare your holiday meals with a little more attention paid to ingredients and reducing the calorie content of your meals. We'll give you 15 examples.
You’ve been eyeing up the pre-workout supplements, but you don’t know their ingredients and effects? Read this article and learn all about their advantages and a lot more.
If you don’t have time to go to a gym or can’t afford the pass, maybe you don't like crowds or company, don’t worry – you can easily work out at home. Just check out our workout plan.
For athletes, it’s especially important to pay attention to eating well, since we are talking about a basic fuel in terms of endurance, performance, as well as shape. The food you eat provide the nutrients for your body, muscles, organs, brain, as well as your soul. When the quality of the nutrients is right, you and your performance will reflect it, too.
Protein is one of the three macro nutrients, which is the building material of the human body and contributes to almost all the processes of your body. It is a basic source of nutrients, which also makes you feel full without increasing your fat reserves. Moreover, during a low-carb diet, it helps you maintain your muscles and thus tonality.
Whey protein is a by-product of cheese production that used to be discarded as waste because it was considered worthless. Later it was discovered to be of excellent nutritional value due to its high protein content. Once the water content is removed the remaining powder has a 90% whey content of high biological value. Food industry engineers gained the whey concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates after further refinement.
Amino acids are the fundamental building blocks of proteins. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are amino acids with a special branched structure, this is why they are called branched chain amino acids. BCAAs are important because unlike other amino acids they are broken down by the muscles not by the liver. It is in the muscles that they will ultimately be used as a source of energy or to generate new muscle proteins. One third of the skeletal muscles consists of BCAAs.
Learn about the product package prepared by BioTechUSA’s product experts. Support your recovery and prevent future injuries!
You needn’t be afraid of creatine. It’s not a steroid, only an organic compound made up of a number of amino acids. You also take it in with foods such as beef, so it’s a fully natural active agent. On the other hand, if you want to improve your training results, you'll need creatine in larger quantities and in a pure form, unlike in meat, the fat and protein content of which slows down absorption.
Sometimes you can divert from your diet, especially if you prefer healthy meals on your cheat days. Why could you not prepare special meals from high quality ingredients that are rich in protein? We collected 3 our favourite main meal recipes that finally are more exciting than the typical fitness meals.
First of all, let’s clarify that no one can be on a diet the whole year and live according to a perfectly planned routine. Let’s assume, especially if you want to lose weight, that you follow and more or less even adhere to a good calorie deficit diet. But you have heard of the concept of cheat days and thought about trying it 1-2 times a week. Then you realise that you stopped to develop and grow, so you conclude that something is wrong with your diet, your trainer gives you bad advice and you only put on fat from post-workout shakes. The solution to your problem, however, is in the cheat meals.
Sunstroke is a major problem during holidays, but it can be quickly cured at home with the right methods. Find out everything about the dangers of heat waves and their home treatment.
During a 90-minute-long football match, players only have a few opportunities to refresh, so some nutritional and dietary supplements can prove useful for lasting concentration and performance. Let’s see what and when to use.
One of the most important rules in an athlete’s life is not to eat any new food or product for the meal before a match. Let’s see, however, how diet can improve performance.
If you’ve played football for a long time and want to improve, you should also add other kinds of – strength training – exercises to your training plan to develop the very skills you need for your original sport.
Show us a pastry that allows you to take in 20 g protein! You can’t, can you?
How to utilise your supplement support during your year long plan.
How to properly set your goals for the year ahead
How to effectively plan your 2018 through to success.
How avoiding added sugars can benefit you
We walk you through the best vitamins for the Winter months.
The best solution – in the given circumstances
Keeping on top of your cardiovascular fitness over the festive season.
How to switch up your training and improve if you're an ectomorph.
How to train effectively for a bulk if you're an ectomorph.
How you can ensure that the colder months during training go smoothly.
How to effectively change your regime to the colder months.
Tips and strategies for meal prepping
The key for a realisable and perfectly working diet is the caloric intake. But how do you know how many calories your body needs?
In this series of articles, we will address a little bit everything you need to know (or stop) in order to take the step.
BioTechUSA heads to Poland for FIWE 2017
Before passing from assiduous training to preparing for a competition, there is one more short step...and yet this small step must be considered, contemplated and calculated, matured and considered again. In this series of articles, we will address a little bit everything you need to know (or stop) in order to take the step.
Before passing from assiduous training to preparing for a competition, there is one more short step to take...and yet this small step must be considered, contemplated and calculated, matured and considered again.
In this series of articles, we will address a little bit everything that you need to know in order to pass (or not) through that step, to become a competitive athlete.
There are bigger enemies lurking besides sugar and salt
Let’s consider what kind of meals you can take with you
Products for individual needs – 1-2 kg excess weight
How you can stay healthy, quickly over the summer with BioTechUSA
Products for individual needs – less than 12 kg excess weight
Products for individual needs – over 12 kg excess weight
Survive those few days with a minimum muscle loss when you move away from the chicken-rice-protein-workout axis and relax (or work) at a festival.
Many people think that’s all, and the fat burner is going to do its job by itself and they will wake up in a brand new body.
They are divided into two large groups: the ones that are water-soluble and the ones that are fat-soluble.
Taking a look at the different types of fat burner available to you.
We collected the most outrageous and naive misconceptions and nonsense regarding fat burning.
A high protein diet has become so popular that you could dream of becoming the next fitness model by following a diet that consists mostly of protein. However, it is not as simple as that...
We delve into BioTechUSA’s new L-Carnitine and Chrome supplements drink.
Even though fat burners offer an appealing solution, many people are afraid to take them!
What are the most important vitamins to replenish during a diet?
We break down our Intra Workout For Her and how it can help you stop breaking down
There are myths that don’t want to disappear we collected them together and let’s hope you haven’t come across any of them!
Help for sport addicts to shape nice muscles: Iso Whey Zero, Mega Fat Burner, Active Woman, Pre-Workout, Intra-Workout + Wave+ Shaker, Sport bottle
How Iso Whey Zero For Her can effectively help toward weight loss and a better diet for the average woman.
You might find some arguments that will convince you that weight-lifting is really good, after all!
In support of regular training and a diet for a tight and toned body: Iso Whey Zero, Ultra Loss Shake, L-Carnitine + Chrome, Mega Fat Burner, Active Woman + Wave+ Nano Shaker
How Biotech’s Mega Fat Burner can help shift those extra pounds.
You are going to be disappointed if you have no idea why you are doing what you are doing and how you can reach your goals
If your goal is to live health-consciously and to get in shape once again: Ultra Loss Shake, L-Carnitine + Chrome, Active Woman + Wave+ Nano Shaker
How BioTechUSA’s Ultra Loss can help with your summer body.
In order to follow the right lifestyle, some questions and widespread myths might be dispelled first.
Contributes to getting rid of the extra kilos and gaining toned and lean muscles: Iso Whey Zero, Ultra Loss Shake, L-Carnitine + Chrome, Active Woman + Wave+ Nano Shaker
Exploring what our Active Woman supplement can do for you
Birmingham, you better get ready because we are coming!
BioTechUSA will be present at FIBO from the 6th to the 9th of April 2017.
Get to know the latest member of the BioTechUSA family!
Let’s look at the 5 most popular mass gainers in detail!
A look into Biotech USA’s HYPER MASS 5000 and its benefits to your training
Now let’s briefly examine what bulking means and who it is recommended to and why.
Body fat reduction and muscle retention / How to grow muscle mass with a minimum fat increase
We visit the French capital for 3 days of fitness craziness
How creatine can seriously ramp up your bulking efforts this off season.
Using extra energy supplements when training to maximise your efforts.
Who might need to consume protein shakes? How much protein do you need?
What should you combine creatine with? In what sports is it especially useful to take creatine?
How BCAA’S can help your performance over a season.
Before you get busy taking creatine, just because you heard good things about it, you should first understand how it works and decide for yourself which one to take and how.
How to best utilise your workout for lean muscle gain.
Three-day special, split training plan
We look at what supplements to use to gain lean muscle in addition to your diet
Even if you don’t crave for huge muscle mass, Shaper is a perfect choice for you
What foods you should be adding to your diet in order to gain lean muscle and what to definitely avoid
Fast dessert with high protein content
There are 3 steps to this Jag.
Workout tips on gaining lean muscle to your frame
If you make these 4 adjustments it’s not going to take long for you to make that jump up to the next level.
Many people are affected, but few know that joint pains can be reduced with an adequate diet.
Looking at how to start counting your macros with your diet
There are typical injuries in all kinds of sports, stamina sports are not an exception.
There are many misconceptions about food supplements, which can make you fairly sceptical.
How to effectively plan your daily meals around your schedule
It’s the beginning of a new year and many decide to take up sports and get in shape/grow some muscles by summer. It’s a good plan, let us share some useful advice with you.
Robin shares with you his thoughts and experience starting his fit life.
When you want to eat healthily you must pay attention not only to the calorie intake, but also to the quality of your food.
Prepare a diet and a plan adjusted to your needs, habits and your goals.
How to maximise your diet needs and use supplements with your training regime.
A short guide about sport supplements - what are the essentials you must have.
Using your meals to the full affect
A complete characteristics explanation of three existing body types - what you need to take into consideration to start the fit life the right way.
Making sure your new year's goals are spot on
The more obstacles you address upfront the less likely it is they can stop you, so we’re just planning ahead right here.
Your guide to staying healthy over the winter season.
Taking stock of your year’s efforts
Shape-friendly, low-carb!
If you want to gain muscle mass you will need the right kind of fuel!
How to use cardiovascular training with your bulking phase
How best to use supplements during a bulk
How best to effectively sustain a bulking diet for the coming months.
Swap your black coffee for a hard hitting caffeine and protein hit.
Protein shake is not a substitute for regular food
In this interview Jenő shares details about his training, diet and dietary supplements
How best to utilise protein in swimming training
Continuing a successful season, BioTechUSA hits next stop at Mr. Olympia Europe!
Get enough balance in your diet with New Protein Gusto
Why you need to take protein at all? How much protein should you take? What protein sources should you take?
How to best utilize your running training and your protein intake to get the best from your efforts.
If you want to grow muscle mass or even if you want to reduce body fat, the consumption of whey protein hydrolysate after training is the best solution.
Biliana shares a couple of thoughts after her victory at the Olympia in Las Vegas
Learning how to overcome intolerances to lactose.
After a successful participation at FIWE 2015, this year we come back with more!
The effects of sugar on your weight training and how to value it.
"I had a vision about being a part of competition when I first started competing ages ago!"
We look at how the effects of gluten on your own training goals.
Stop eating sugar it can cause high blood pressure and kills your immune system!
Wondered why you feel puffed after meals? Are you aware of gluten intolerance and it's sympthoms?
How you can use casein effectively.
What is Lactose and what does it mean that I have intolerance for it?
We round up our fitness tips for your summer body blitz
If you’ve liked BioTechUSA in the previous editions of the Arnold Classic Europe, wait until you see what we are bringing this year.
We look at just what exercising in a group can do for you this summer!
Compliment your best gym efforts with some great summer detox drinks
The best days to enjoy whilst keeping your fitness goals on track
How to transform your stomach into a beach wonder this summer!
We take a look at the way to perform at your best in the summer heat.
What can you eat during the longer summer hours that won’t hurt your weight goals?
Interview with Stephanie Davis
How you can still keep your fitness life going and enjoy your summer to the max.
We take a look at how to effectively increase your cardiovascular program in order to start shredding for the summer.
Here are his results of the National Summer Adapted Swimming Championship
We summarise what the key health benefits of playing football are.
We look at how best to deal with injuries during competition time.
How to feed your footballing needs.
Visit us at hall B1, stand 73, from the 2nd to the 5th of June!
We take a look at how to effectively track your increased cardiovascular training.
Visit us  fro the 13th to the 15th of May in Birmingham, UK!
With summer approaching we take a look at reducing your carbohydrate intake whilst you shred.
We take a look at how to manage your joints whilst training and shredding.
This week we look at cooking healthy and having a good alternative to one of many of our favourite dishes, the Chicken Curry.
This week we look at how to diet using effective steps that are easy to fit into your life routine.
We dig deeper into your running regime and what you can do to really take your training onto the next level.
With good weather just around the corner some people will be thinking of taking up running and this week we break down the things to look out for before you start.
This year, we will be waiting for you at FIBO from the 7th to the 10th of April with a huge stand.
This week sees us look at ways to use your environment to get healthy and fit.
BioTechUSA will be present with its own stand at the Loaded Cup in Bochum on March 25-27
Boring Cardio... Destroy that myth
Every athlete dreams about becoming a professional, and of course, I’m no exception.
BioTechUSA will be at the Salon Body Fitness in  Paris from 18th- 20th March 2016.
We take a look at the biggest myths surrounding weight loss and how you can effectively avoid doing the wrong thing with your own goals.
This week sees us take a look at toning your body and the processes involved in toning up and creating a more defined you.
This week we will look to incorporate weight training in your weekly regime and take your football training to a whole different level.
This week we take a look at how to perform better in football and what exercises to focus on when we talk about sports specific training.
BioTechUSA will be present at FIT Festival fairs in Gdańsk on February 26-28
This week we continue our discussion of the initial steps to take when losing weight. We focus on the involvement of weights in your routine and the different forms of cardio training you can do.
We are sharing success stories about people who strive for better performance in their individual goals and for that, you deserve the spotlight! Tell us your story!
If it means a few pounds or it means halving your weight I will try to break down the key points to work on when considering losing weight.
Rúben Linhares, Portugese para-swimmer speaks about his latest competition.
This week sees us take a look at how to shred away unwanted fat but keep muscle mass and how best to go about it if you are just starting out.
A in-depth look into adding size and mass for the beginner looking to build an impressive muscular frame!
How to rediscover your best form and stay on top of the changes you have made.
How to focus on having a healthy and successful Christmas period and keep on top of your game.
This week we take a look at the best and most practical gift ideas for those who will be more inclined to lift a dumb bell than a mince pie and run a hill rather than do the Christmas shopping run.
This week we take a look at what to consider before we think about setting New Year fitness goals.
This week I will help you think about your busy Christmas and help you keep your training in check!
If you are a hard gainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
If you are a hard gainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
If you are a hard gainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
If you are a hard gainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
If you are a hard gainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
If you are a hard gainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
This week I break down what to look for if you are bulking and you are a Mesomorph.
If you are a hard gainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
BioTechUSA to attend Fitnessfestivalen for the first time!
If you are a hard gainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
Bulk up!
My expectation is to the better than the one that always makes it more difficult every time, who waits in the mirror and tells me: “Let’s see if you beat me this time”
Xenia Sheveleva packs her bags to visit Hungary for the first time and compete for the World Championship!
If you are a hard gainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
If you are a hard gainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
This week I break down what to look for if you are bulking and you are a classic 'hard gainer'.
If you are a hardgainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
If you are a hardgainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
The following diet is recommended for a bodyweight of 60-70 kg for mass gain purposes.
If you are a hard gainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
If you are a hard gainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
We are at that time of the year where most start to think of stopping the Summer cutting and packing some extra pounds of mass over the Winter period.
If you are a hardgainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
If you are a hardgainer and you have trouble with building muscle mass, give this workout plan a try! You won’t regret it.
It's bulking time!
Some people look at organisation as a bad thing but as long it takes up a minimal part of your time it can really be a very useful tool for most people and helps to have a clear head when the going gets tough.
Meet Christoph and Alexander Friedl, The shredded twins to join our athletes team!
There are ways to make sure you don't add any unwanted pounds whilst also keeping your diet clean and adding some vital nutrients and vitamins.
If you can translate the correct training techniques from the gym or outside into your home workout you can achieve almost the same results when doing an indoor circuit of some kind.
How to keep your motivation fires burning during the colder months!
During the last few weeks we have been looking at the key factors affecting a successful shredding phase for different groups of people and trainers. This final week I will try to round-up what exactly a good shredding phase should involve.
Whether it was on stage or at the BioTechUSA booth, Madrid was definitely a rolling party!
When you have a real commitment to any sport or athletic profession and you want to commence a shredding phase, you need to begin by thinking about how your diet will affect you performances.
My next goal is to aim to be better than my last competition and also aim to bring a better package than I did last year at the UKBFF British Championships.
Shredding when you have a naturally bigger muscle set is sometimes difficult to plan. Here I will try to breakdown how to effectively carry out a shredding phase when you are someone who has a bigger muscle mass than the average athlete.
For the fifth time, the city of Madrid in Spain will be the location for one of the biggest fitness and body building events held in Europe, the Arnold Classic.
Last weekend BioTechUSA was present at the FIWE, The International Fitness and Wellness Fair, hosted in Warsaw.
One of the biggest challenges I face when speaking to women about shredding is the idea that you can eat well and train hard. Here's the proof that is possible!
This week BioTechUSA will be present at the International Fitness and Wellness Fair (FIWE), which will be held in Warsaw during the 12th and 13th of September.
You need to listen to your body’s needs and still fuel it but cut out the bad or negative foods and when considering shredding there are a few key points to keep in mind.
By measuring the quantity of nitrogen, we can exactly find out whether our body gets the amount of protein needed for growth and development or not.
When you’re looking for information about creatine, you can mainly find out that it will help you achieve more muscle mass. At the same time, you can read little about how to use it properly.
Directions for the most efficient use of our thermogenic and lipotropic complex
The WBFF Pro Muscle Model is the newest member of the BioTechUSATeam
Check our Men’s Physique team's video before your summer workout
We are proud to announce that our team has been expanded with a very talented and successful athlete, Stefano Mattei. We talked with the MuscleMania Pro sportsman about the upcoming „beach season”.
Miguel Ángel Angulo won gold medal, Xenia Sheveleva finished in second place
BioTechUSA athletes showed their quality at the EBPF European Championship
Check our exclusive video from South America’s biggest fitness expo
Interview with Xenia Sheveleva, Women’s Fitness Overall European Champion
Interview with Men’s Physique overall European Champion, Alexis Gonzalez
Interview with BioTechUSA athlete Taeo Robinson
Thank you all for participating in the spring session of the Elite Challenge
Thanks Birmingham, see you next year!
Congratulations to Xenia Sheveleva and Alexis Gonzales Benitez
You can visit us at Hall 19, Stand N78
Prove that you are Elite!
Highlights from one of Europe’s biggest fitness exhibition
Watch how our athletes traing together during FIBO 2015
Which supplement should I take and when? Here’s a complex solution if you really want to ensure your body all the necessary nutrients!
Protein is essential for muscle growth and maintaining a lean muscle mass. This time we will tell you all about proteins, their use and types.
Find your way around the world of fat burners!
Virtually the only, but particularly important time to take simple carbs is within 15 minutes after workout.