Stefano Mattei

Stefano Mattei

First name: Stefano

Last name: Mattei

Country: Italy

Category: Muscle Model




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Stefano Mattei, is the first PRO MUSCLEMODEL WBFF in Italy.
The athlete is the testimonial of the Italian famous brand of supplements BiotechUsa which has always supported and made a sharer in the stands of the most 'important fairs such as Fibo and RiminiWellness.
Age 'of 15 years feeling' of wanting to become a myth of physical culture inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger to become 'over time his idol.
His physique getting better 'year on year to reach unexpected goals also by himself, leading him to have numerous victories and satisfactions in bodybuilding.
Love, sacrifice and passion for the sport convinced him to cross the Italian border and to compete abroad taking America as a destination.
In 2015 during one of his trips to the mecca of BB and while he was in training at Gold's Gym in Venice, in the heart of Los Angeles, he had the pleasure of meeting and tell his sporting emotions to Arnold; this as well as being the realization of one of the most 'beautiful dreams of his life I encourage' even more 'to want to "put into play" in trying to tread the American stage and so', dealing with his trainer Eric Di Lauro decided to start the preparation in the best way.
Among his most 'important awards include:
1st place in the Italian championship in 2014 in Rimini Musclemania
4th place at the World Las Vegas Musclemania in 2015
and ending June 25, 2016, 1st place WBFF Boston with the conquest of the PRO CARD.
For Stephen, this sport has become a business, and today after countless studies between Italy and USA, with his trainer, is making its way to become one of the best trainers in the fitness and bodybuilding.
We conclude with a good luck to Stefano Mattei, for his next professional adventures in American soil, confident feel even so much about him.
The American dream continues, stay tuned!


  • 1 place and Pro Card WBFF  Muscle model  wbff Boston championship  2016
  • 4 place  bodybuilnding  musclemania world las vegas  2015
  • 1 place and overall  bodybuilding  musclemania Italian championship  2014


6 a week :  1) chest , abs , calves . 2 ) hams , lower back . 3) arms , abs . 4)delts, chest pump , calves . 5) quads , abs , arm pump . 6) back " upperback , ham pump.


40 minute 6 days a week

Favorite products:

Iso Whey Zero, Carbox, L-glutammine, Super Fat Burner, BCAA  Zero