Mariusz Janucik

Mariusz Janucik


First name: Mariusz

Last name: Janucik

Country: Poland

Category: Men’s Physique

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 99 kg

Year of Birth: 1991




Twitter: @mario_trainhard

Youtube channel


Since I remember bodybuilding was my passion. I’m an active Men’s Physique competitor with successes in Poland and internationally. I try to expand my knowledge of bodybuilding all the time.


  • Winner of the Polish Cup Men’s Physique 2014
  • Silver Medalist Arnold Classic Amateur Madrid 2014
  • Semifinalist Olympia Amateur Europe Elvs Prague 2015
  • Bronze Medalist of the Polish Cup Bodybuilding and Fitness 2015


It changes according to my needs but basically this is my routine:

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: chest

Wednesday: day off

Thursday: back

Friday: upper arms

Saturday: arms

Sunday: swimming pool

What type of cardio: bike, treadmill, all basic cardio machines


General regime during dieting:

Morning:  omelet

During the day: four meals, chicken and rice, beef and groats

Evening: salmon


Favorite products:

Nitro Pure Whey, Iso Whey Zero