Malgorzata Flis

Malgorzata Flis

Height:  1.53 m

Weight:  45 kg

Year of birth: 1989


  • Polish Championships in 2015 - bronze medal
  • The IFBB  Latvian Championships Bikini Fitness of Riga 2015 - 5th place
  • Grand Prix Opole 2015 - 2nd place in the category  OPEN
  • VIII event in Sopot KIF 2015 - 1st place in my category and also in OPEN category
  • Grand Prix of Warsaw Trade FIWE 2015 - 1st place in my category and also in OPEN category
  • The Polish team at the Arnold Classic 2015
  • Polish Cup in 2015 - 5th place
  • Finalist of the Pepa Cup in 2015 -Opava , Czech Republic 7th place
  • Grand Brix Brno, Czech Republic 2015 – 2nd place
  • The representative Polish at the World Championships in Budapest 2015

Weekly training routine: I train at the gym 4 times a week.

the first day:training the chest , shoulder muscles and triceps

second day:training the legs and rear

third day: break

The fourth day: training back muscles and biceps

fifth day:training the legs and rear again

What type of cardio do you do: after workout i have 20 – 30 min cardio. Generally its riding a stationary bike or cardio stepper.

General régime during dieting:

I have 6 meals a day. For breakfast I eat mostly omelette with peanut butter. 2-5 meal is typically the same. It consists of 30 grams of carbohydrates, and 120 grams of protein. I like chicken, with rice and vegetables or lean fish with baked potatoes. For dinner I eat most often pasta with tomato sauce with linseed oil.

Dietary supplements you use:

To breakfast drink protein isolate.

Before training, I use preworkout, BCAA, beta –alanine, sometimes ariginine. Before cardio i use again BCAA.

After training i use carbo and isolate protein.

Every day I use complete vitamin

Favourite workout method:

I love all the exercises for the muscles of the buttocks, especially squats