Jenő Kiss

Jenő Kiss


Height: 175 cm

Weight: 136 kg currently

Year of birth: 1972

Multiple junior and adult Hungarian champion, multiple international champion, the only Hungarian IFBB Absolute Mr. Universe professional bodybuilder

Weekly training routine:
Dumbbell workout 6x a week

In preparation period: 2 workout session a day, 6 days a week

General régime during dieting:
Breakfast: 20 egg whites, 50g oat flakes, vegetables
during the day: 4-5 times a chicken breast, 125g brown rice, vegetables
dinner: 400g frutti di mare, steamed vegetables

Dietary supplements you use:

  • Morning Protein

  • Iso Whey Zero

  • Glutanator

  • Mega Amino 3200

  • Wianabol

  • Casein Fuison

  • Daily Pack

Favourite workout method:
Kiss Lifestyle!!! Lots of reps, slow even execution, sets, tri-sets, giant sets!

What type of cardio do you do:
Stepping machine, brisk walking, Kiss Life super puff!