Jessica Hugues

Jessica Hugues


First name: Jessica

Last name: Hugues

Country: France

Category: Bikini Fitness





I'm 22years old. I was in France Karate team,i'm World and European champion...but last year i have a gravely accident,i break my first cervical C1 in know i have not the autorisation to come back in karate,so its the reason why i compete in fitness.It's a new challenge for me and i love it!! I want to share with my fans my new challenge after my accident,the doctors said me i'm a miracle and i should be in a it's important for me to get this message...NEVER GIVE UP and BELIEVE


  • World Champion Karate 2011
  • Europan Champion Karate 2012
  • 2nd Bikini Fitness IFBB France National Championship 2016


I use heavy training with weight and pliometric exercices. My favorites exercices are front squat, deadlift, lunges and jump squat.


For the cardio I train with HIIT training or I make my cardio with stair master at the end of my weight training.

Favorite products:

Iso Whey Zero, Glutanator, Mega Amino 3200, Omega 3, BCAA 8:1:1