Saskia Cakoci

Saskia Cakoci

Height:  171cm

Weight: 59 kg

Year of birth: 1986

Achievements: 4th place World Fitness Championship Budapest 2015

2nd place Nicole Wilkins Cup Lahti 2015

2nd place Olympia Amateur Prague 2015

Vicechampion  of Slovakia 2015

Weekly training routine: I train 3+1, three days of workout and one day off. Back plus biceps; shoulders plus triceps and abs; legs

What type of cardio do you do: During offseason I don´t do any as I am more on ektomorf side, onseason I do HIIT cardio once to two times a week (20-30 minutes of very intensive cardio training) usually on off days

General régime during dieting: I stay with 3+1 regimen plus HIIT. I use supersets and plyometry in my leg training. Training of upper body stays the same as in off season, cause I usually don´t get any fatter there then on season and I don´t want to get too ripped. My diet is based on separating carbs from fats ( fats I eat when carbs are fully digested) this means- carbs and proteins until 3pm, proteins and fats until the last meal before sleep. I have 3g/kg of carbs, 2-2,5g/kg of proteins and 1g/kg of fats in my diet when preparing for season.

Dietary supplements you use: Aminoacids, AAKG, L-Glutamine, Kreatine, BCAA, pre-workout formulas, Protein, Kazein, Vitamins

Favourite workout method: Pyramids and supersets